Essay about Traditional Culture And Religion And Culture

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There are many ways of learning. One that has stuck throughout the centuries is storytelling. Every culture and religion use storytelling as a way to share and gain knowledge. Many cultures use storytelling as a way to share their religion and cultural ways with their young. This is prominent in cultures that don 't read or write. By telling stories they are able to keep their culture and allow others to learn about their culture. Even in countries such as America, storytelling is still widely used by everyone. Parents tell their children stories about their family and past relatives, they read them books and share stories from their own childhood. People tell each other how their day was and what they did. By doing this they are sharing their knowledge and experiences with other people. People use storytelling to pass on our knowledge on to other people and allow them to learn from their experiences.

We use storytelling in every religion and culture. By listening to the stories it can allow people to learn about different cultures. In Anthropology, Janice Newberry told us stories about her expedition to Indonesia. She described how the people there acted and what they viewed was important. She explained how older people did not show emotions on their face, even when something traumatic happens. The older people would look composed even though they may not feel composed. Through this story, we were able to learn part of another culture and their way of life without…

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