Traditional Classroom And Online Classroom Environments Essay

980 Words Dec 11th, 2015 4 Pages
“You don’t have to get dressed, hire a babysitter, drive to a campus, find a parking space, lug a textbook around, or sit in a classroom for hours on end to earn your degree.” (Bethel University, 2014, pp. 4)

There are a few differences between traditional classroom and online classroom environments. Traditional classes are set around a schedule and set place to attend the class, whereas online classes allow for attendance almost anywhere there is internet and computer access. The online class allows for more flexibility around the students work schedule by providing deadlines that have to be met, but the student is ultimately responsible for completing the coursework within the specified time frame. Being able to attend classes at my own learning pace, for the most part, is a great way for me and other students who are working to attend college.

The way communication is achieved between the student, classmates, and teacher is different in an online learning environment compared to the traditional classroom. In the traditional classroom the student would be able to raise their hand and ask a question, or directly communicate with other students within the classroom in real time right on the spot. Online classrooms still provide for communication between all of the students and teacher, but answers are delayed due to having to wait for a response to the question asked. The time it takes for a response depends on how often the person in the class takes to read and respond to…

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