Traditional Classes And Online Classes Essay

1262 Words Nov 20th, 2015 null Page
Traditional classes and online classes are both great ways to learn. Their purpose for existing is to prepare students for their futures in whatever they will pursue. According to Forbes. Com, online education was first offered in 1985 by National Technological University (Crotty). Although both environments are great ways to further your education, they do differ in some ways. The three main differences between traditional classes and online classes are time management, student/teacher interaction, and the classes offered. One of the main things you have to manage while enrolled in an online class is your time. When assignments are given, they are usually due a week or maybe even two weeks after being assigned. With that being said, you have to have self-motivation. It can be very easy to get behind from all of the distractions around you. In some classes all of the assignments you will be given each week are already posted onto the website. That means you can work ahead if you wish. Since you are not in a classroom at a specific time, the class is opened up 24/7. You learn the new material online through the website and you can do that whenever it is most convenient for you before the deadline. You have to make sure to schedule time to learn the material and complete homework and tests. While taking online classes you are fairly limited to the kind of assignments you are given. Usually you have to type papers, have online exams and projects, or have to participate in an…

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