Traditional Approaches For Teaching Science Essay

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In simple terms, all learning including biological science is a form of communication and is dependent on the depth of understanding students foster through communicating with their teacher and peers. This understanding can be perceived in different ways, depending on what teaching method we choose to use in a primary classroom. Vikstrom (2008, p. 211) discovered that young students could acquire complex understanding if opportunities to learn are presented. But opportunities depend largely on the language used by the teachers, for example metaphorical speech, and pointing out necessary aspects of the object of learning. The understanding and knowledge of students in this study advanced through talking about abstract concepts in a meaningful way (Vikstrom, 2008, p. 228). ____
Traditional approaches to teaching science involve the use of textbooks, worksheets and other visual representations. And with this, there is an incongruity between the types of scientific imagery in textbooks compared with how science is documented in primary education literature; Rybarczyk, (2011, p. 106) noted prominent differences in the allocation and complexity of different types of visual representations used. It is essential to expose students to a range of diverse types of visual representations found in scientific research to basically develop their scientific literacy (Rybarczyk, 2011, p. 113), _____

Moving on from traditional methodologies that are teacher centred, educators aim to…

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