Essay about Traditional and Alternative Medicine for Type Two Diabetes

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Traditional and Alternative Medicine for Type Two Diabetes There are many diseases and conditions that can affect us personally and our loved ones. One of the most important things that you can do when you or a family member are diagnosed with a medical problem is to find out all of your options. I am not saying that you should try to self diagnose yourself, or that the internet has all of the answers that you are looking for, however it is always a good idea to find out as much as possible about the medical issue so that you can discuss and understand everything with your doctor. Also, it is wise to do some research on the traditional and alternative ways to manage or treat a medical issue so that you know what all of your options are …show more content…
With the combination of exercising and eating healthy one should be able to reach and maintain a healthy weight. An endocrinologist, dietician, and nutritionist should be able to help someone with diabetes figure out a plan to help them get to a target weight and to maintain it. Another traditional way to manage diabetes is insulin therapy. Insulin cannot be taken orally because the body’s digestion process breaks down the insulin before it enters the blood stream, therefore insulin needs to be injected so it can directly enter the blood stream and help the cells absorb glucose. There are different types of insulin that are used for the specific needs for each individual that needs it. Insulin can be given though a shot or there are insulin pumps that people wear on their body so that all they have to do is push a button with the correct dose when they need it. The insulin pump is much more convenient for people that do not always have the privacy they need to give themselves an injection, and that need to take it multiple times a day. Most insurance companies cover insulin for diabetic patients. Insulin has been used for many years because it is the hormone that the body produces for the cells to absorb glucose. Another route for managing type two diabetes is

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