Essay on Trader Joe's Internalization

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Trader Joe’s

I] About Trader Joe’s A] Trader Joe’s history
Trader Joe’s is a chain of grocery stores first opened in 1967 in California, United States. Trader Joe's was founded by a man named Joe Coulombe and has been owned since 1979 by the Albrecht family, a German family who also owns the ALDI discounts food stores. Trader Joe’s has currently 367 stores within the United States with locations in over 20 states. Trader Joe's stores offer a wide, diverse and ever-changing range of organic products, 98% of them being food but also wine and exotic products. Some of their range of products includes essential groceries (bread, dairy and cereal), pastas, seafood and meatless foods,
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While other retailers have developed internal organization cultures and internal management philosophy. For example, Whole Food’s “highest quality”, “least processed”, “natural preserved”, “self-managed teams”. Trader Joe’s became the only store where customers are integral to creating the shopping experience. The shopping experience that is “innovative», «unique” and “interesting, and products that are “hard-to-find”, “great tasting” from “around the world”. So they have been able to differentiate themselves from their closest competitors. It is because at Trader Joe’s, customers become part of the culture rather than merely experiencing it. Its stores are fun to shop due to its sampling stations, free coffee, and the availability of balloons and small shopping carts for children.
Costco also offers low prices, as well as differentiation strategy based on a well-developed private label program. Amazon also use low prices and an extensive selection, suggests books and other products based on a customer’s recent purchases, has a simplified checkout procedure, and provides unedited product reviewed from past purchasers.
Finally, until recently trader Joe’s has not experienced any significant direct competition. Tesco, the UK $90 billion grocery and general merchandise chain, announced plans to open one-hundred, 10,000 square foot stores that will

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