Tradedy Essay

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From Tragedy To Triumph
Dawn Little
Professor Nemeth
Kaplan University


I think that the counselor has learned a lot from his time spent with Steve. One of the big things I think the counselor has learned is that being a counselor doesn’t always mean that you have to have all the answers and that you have to fix the problems of your clients, that maybe your clients already have the answers and they just need guidance and reassurance to help them reach their goals. In the article Halstead states, “At times, I can become lost and uncertain about what I can do to help, focusing on the curse of the tragedy instead of the potential for
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I certainly believe this is true in some ways. In school I was popular, but I was popular with all the different groups and crowds. I was in marching band, cross country, softball, choir, girl scouts, and other activities. All of these clicks had many different personalities, all of which I think have had an impact on my life. I do believe that Steve’s relationship with his counselor has had a great impact on his life. In the beginning Steve he told his counselor that he refused to have these limitations and that his goal was to be normal like everyone else. Though later on in his life his counselor has to remind him of his goals and says, “Seems every doctor you run into is hell bent on telling you what you are not going to be able to do, I take it you didn't tell her about your near-death experience and choosing the longer and more difficult path?" (Halstead, 2000) This then changes Steve’s mindset and he realizes that he may never really be ‘normal’ but that he can still fulfil his goals. Steve goes on to tell the counselor that he will do ‘anything’ to get to where he wants, no matter how long it takes. So I think that without the guidance and encouragement of the counselor Steve may not be where he is today. FROM TRAGEDY TO TRIUMPH 4 I think that the ethical standards for human services professionals are very important. One ethical standard

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