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Table of Contents Introduction 2 1.1 Sources of fund and income 2 1.2 Contribution made by the methods of generating income 4 2.1. Elements of cost 5 Instructions for gross profit margin 6 3. Just In Time 7 4. Economic Order Quantity 7 2.2 The Best Methods for Controlling the Cash Flow 7 3.1 Sources of trial Balance 8 The main sources of trial balance are- 8  Journal entries 8  Ledger 8  Closing entries 8  Adjusting entries 8 3.1 Structure of a Trial Balance 9 3.2 Accounts: 10 Adjustments 10 Notes 10 Credit note 10 3.3.4 Budgetary control 11 The Purposes of Budgetary control: 12 Analysis of Budgeted versus Actual figures 12 4.1 Ratio analysis 13 4.2 Future suggestions for management …show more content…
1.1 Sources of fund and income

Funding is the most single important issue for any kind of start-up business. Funds can be collected from different sources such as debt and equity. It is easier to get money from individuals or groups of individuals than from banks or institution (Bazerman and Moore, 2012). Here are some sources for funding your small business is given. 1. Personal savings
Personal funding is the main source of fund for any business. People generally start their business from their home then go outside. Again no lenders will provide 100% fund for business. Personal funding ensures our control over our business. There are few businesses which are entirely funded by parties other than the entrepreneur (Chen, C. 2000). This system has got disadvantage too because risks are involved as you are putting your assets on the line. While doing so we should evaluate the risks involved and take correct decision.
2. Family and friends
The first out of personal funding source is to take help from family and friends. It is a very common practice of funding. As there are risks in business they may want written agreement of the amount borrowed, the interest rate and the payment method.
3. Banks
Today’s business world is impossible without banks. Now they play the biggest role for funding any start-up. Bank gives loans to credit worthy customer based on credit history of the borrower. Without having

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