Tracing The Roots Of El Salvador 's Mara Salvatrucha Essay

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Throughout the course of history, gangs and organized crime have managed to find their way into society. Death has terrorized neighborhoods and violence has shaken the entire nation. The uprising of such a violent gang known as the Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13, has left many unanswered questions and many crimes unsolved. The origins of the notorious gang are not certain but there are a few theories as to how MS-13 came to be. According to Geoffrey Ramsey in his article Tracing the Roots of El Salvador’s Mara Salvatrucha, there is some speculation that the gang originated from a street in Los Angeles, street 13, but it is clarified that street 13 does not exist. Another speculation is that MS-13 “emerged from a split in the 18th street gang.” Regardless of the uncertainty, it is known that the teenagers who founded this gang had come with their families from El Salvador fleeing from poverty and violence. In the years 1980-1992, El Salvador faced a twelve-year civil war in which, according to the Center for Justice and Accountability, 75,000 civilians died at the hands of government forces. Archbishop Romero was killed, and month’s later, “four American churchwomen were raped and murdered by military and paramilitary forces.” All of these series of unfortunate events led to turmoil of political violence, which then turned, into a “full-scale civil war.” As a result of this civil war in El Salvador, Salvadorians fled to California in the late 70’s, early 80’s to…

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