Trachea In Cats Essay

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What is Hole in the Trachea in Cats?

The trachea, also known as the windpipe, is a tube made of cartilage that allows air to pass from the throat to the larynx to the bronchi in the lungs. When the trachea becomes perforated via a small hole or tear in the cartilage, the air that normally passes into the lungs goes into the surrounding tissues. This creates pockets of air under the skin, in the mediastinum (the area in-between the lungs), around the heart, in the chest cavity and in the posterior portion of the abdominal cavity.

Tracheal perforation most often occurs due to external trauma or an internal injury and can range from a small tear to complete avulsion, where the trachea tears away.

Symptoms of Hole in the Trachea in Cats

Symptoms typically appear immediately or within seven days of the injury or trauma. These symptoms include:

Visible tissue damage to neck and/or trachea
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Internal injuries most often happen during a separate medical procedure by the veterinarian (iatrogenic). These causes include:

Accidental puncture while drawing blood
Accidental puncture during neck surgery
Traumatic intubation during use of a tracheostomy tube
Administration of anesthesia
During a transacheal wash

External trauma to the trachea normally occurs as the result of an accident. These accidents include:

Penetrating trauma from an arrow, gunshot
Blunt trauma from a thrown rock or object
Bite wounds
Falling from a great height
Vehicle accident

Diagnosis of Hole in the Trachea in

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