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TPO Roofing | Commercial Roofing Dallas
You need only to look at the progressive growth of sales in established roofing products to understand the top contenders are reliable roofing. TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin continues to remain a preferred roofing material among the roofing membrane market. TPO roofing claims 40% of the market in commercial roof installation. As you will read in the following, there are a number of reasons for TPO to be a preferred product for commercial roofing in Dallas.
Expertise of installation is essential in the long-term performance and lifespan of commercial roofing in Dallas, and you can rely upon Longhorn Construction to provide the best quality of TPO, and professional quality installation.
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For this reason, wider widths produce less seams to capture soil. You will want to have your TPO commercial roofing in Dallas washed annually to ensure the optimal conditions for the best energy efficiency …show more content…
Longhorn Construction professionals have more than 40 years of experience, and we have installed almost 3 billion square feet of commercial roofing in Texas. Few roofing contractors across the entire nation can match our record, or our dedication to a first quality, professional roofing job and your satisfaction.
Skill and experience are especially important in roof overs. These qualities are imperative in a commercial roofer with each step, and the entire roofing project begins with the accurate assessment of the existing roof. The roof currently on your building, and the conditions beneath it are the foundation of a new roof. If any problems exist, premature failure of the new roof is at risk, and in some situations, the potential for roof collapse may be overlooked.
Finally, not all TPO roofing products are engineered equally, and you can rest assured that we utilize the best products available in all of our roofing projects. Furthermore, Longhorn Construction routinely tests our products independently to ensure the quality and performance are as stated. This is but one of the many extra steps we provide, in order to assure our customers are satisfied, and the projects we provide are first rate all the

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