Essay Toys, Inc. Case Analysis

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Toys, Inc. This case focuses on Toys, Inc., a 20 year old company that manufactures toys and board games. The company has established a good reputation due to the innovation and quality of the products (Stevenson, 2015). In the recent years the company has been experiencing decreasing profits and sales due to several issues.
Take the role of a consultant who has been called in for advice by the company president, Marybeth Corbella. What do you recommend? The company has several options. As the consultant, here are some recommendations that will help the company with their predicament. One of the main problems is the defective part that the customers. The company can collect data directly from the customers by sending out questionnaires in the mail. Questionnaires “consists of a set of questions presented to respondents. Because of its flexibility, it is by far the most common instrument used to collect primary data” (Kotler & Keller, 2012, p.104). Doing this the company can gather data about the defective parts and find out what the problem. With the questionnaire the company can deduce if the problem has to do with product quality, a manufacturer defect, or is it due to customer misuse. By gathering this data they can put in place a strategic plan to correct the plan and thus increase customer satisfaction and sales.
When evaluating a company and a problem, a very important tool to use is SWOT Analysis. It is a strength-weaknesses-opportunities-threats…

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