Toys : A Great Deal Of Ethnic Diversity Essay

714 Words Aug 28th, 2016 3 Pages
On the twenty-fourth of August, I spent some time in the Toys “R” Us of Douglasville. I walked every aisle of the store and examined every toy I saw. While looking at the toys I paid the most attention to how diverse they were. I wanted to know if these toys had a great deal of ethnic diversity, especially dolls and action figures. My second focus was how many of these toys are obviously created for one gender over the other. My third thought was to what economic class does Toys “R” Us target. As I walked around and examined toys I was surprised at the lack of diversity in the dolls, figurines, and the pictures of children playing with the products on the box that were available at the store. Barbie Dolls lacked a great deal of ethnic diversity in their aisle; Barbie essentially had Barbie Dolls of two colors, the two colors being white and black. I only saw two dolls that could be considered not white or black, which is shocking considering all the steps the Mattel company has taken to create a more ethnically diverse Barbie. One box included six military figurines and a transportation vehicle; all six of these male figurines were white. An aisle devoted to baby dolls only had babies of two colors, white and black. A large number of the figurines in the store were white, if they were not white they were black. On the boxes that encased these toys there was a very noticeable lack of ethnic diversity. I was sad to see, but I was not surprised, that most toys were…

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