Toyota vs. BMW: A Comparative Study of Financial Statements Essay

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Toyota vs. BMW

Industrial Overview The automobile industry is a fast growing and evolving industry that relates to the design, manufacturing and sale of an automobile. Automobiles in terms of the industry mostly refer to motor vehicles with engines that have internal combustion chambers. It is true that car manufacturers experience high sales to businesses and car rental companies, also called fleet sales, but consumer sales is the largest source of revenue. A point to bring up here would be the ‘parts market’. The parts market constitutes a very lucrative part of the industry. For example, a new car might cost a certain amount, but if the consumer were to buy separate parts and assemble the car, all the parts needed to construct that
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The TPS is a set of principles, philosophies and business processes to enable the leanest manufacturing.
Bavarian Motor Works, commonly known as BMW is a Germany based car manufacturing company. BMW was officially founded as a public company in 1922 as BMW AG, but traces its origins to the pioneering days of German aviation all the way back to 1913. Beginning with radio flyer engines, BMW AG produced a variety of products in its early years, eventually shifting to motorcycle production in 1923 and automobiles in 1929. BMW AG bought the British Rover Group (which at the time consisted of the Rover, Land Rover and MG marquees as well as the rights to defunct marquees including Austin and Morris) in 1994 and owned it for six years. By 2000, Rover was making huge losses and BMW decided to sell the combine. The MG and Rover marquees were sold to the Phoenix Consortium to form MG Rover, while Land Rover was taken over by Ford. BMW, meanwhile, retained the rights to build the new MINI, which was launched in 2001. It is ranked in the Fortune 500 companies as number 216. Its subsidiaries include the MINI brand and the Rolls-Royce brand. The BMW car model lineup is split into what is referred to as "Series", traditionally identified by a single digit - e.g. the 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, etc. With its headquarters at Munich, Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium brands in the automobile industry. The company operates through three

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