Toyota Recall And Culture Essay

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Toyota recall and culture Essay

Toyota is one of the most successful car manufacturers of all of the times and with a large corporation with a great culture and also with employees that shares the values. But in 2009 Toyota started having problems with their cars recalling 4.3 millions of cars when the gas-pedal was the problem. In this essay I will discuss what happened with the recall that Toyota had, the culture different that existed with Japan and U.S and five concept terms that have sociology. The real problem became in 2010 when a second recall was made for 2.3 million of cars having the same problem which now were more over 50 percent of Toyota U.S annual sales but was not all beside that 4.2 million of cars were also recalled because of the pedal entrapment problem. The issue was that Toyota was that Toyota Company was working with Japanese’s and they weren’t prepared to face the cultural differences that could occurred U.S and Japanese had cultural difference some of them was “when a Company face problem in Japan, the management tries to solve the problem silently and after done, the inform the media about the whole situation. But Americans consider the silent actions as an act of ignorance and unprofessionalism. They prefer answers first and actions second.”(Shanto 1). They have major difference and are communication skills, winning attitude, and methodology of maintaining strategies for both countries U.S and Japan. In my opinion this was indeed because both…

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