Toyota Comparison Essay

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The inner ovals exemplify the heart of the customer and the heart of the company, overlapping to illustrate a mutually positive relationship and trust between the two, as well as forming a ‘T’ shape for Toyota. The outer oval signifies the world embracing Toyota.
Each oval made with strokes of different thicknesses hence directing to Japanese calligraphy art and culture.
The space, that is in the background (within the logo), is signifies the ‘infinite values’ which Toyota stands for. And they are: superb quality, value beyond expectation, the exhilaration of driving, being innovative, integrity in safety, the environment and social responsibility.
Toyota motor own four auto and truck maufacturing companies besides themselves, and they are:
• Hino trucks
• Daihatsu
• Ranz motors

What is a brand?
A name, term, design, symbol or other feature that differentiates a
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Its products are always of high standard. This will give customers reason to out more trust into your brand as it logically correct to as your brand has the intellect to support its points and create the best of cars.
Daimler are always consitent this is shown as their products are never short of quality and with consistency comes the loyalty of customers. This helps strengthen their brand identity, thus making the business stronger. This will allow the business to create a long lasting impression on customers. Consistency makes customers feel dependable as if they liked one of your prodcuts and you were consistent then they will come for more as your brand produces high quality items consistently.
This trait is shown through daimler’s luxurious cars such as the maybach. Sophistication allows daimler to appeal to the customers that are of a high class and have high standards as on thing daimler do not lack is luxury, quality and high

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