Toyota Case Study Essay

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Register to read the introduction… These are 1) costumers, 2) employees, 3) business partners 4) shareholders 5) global society and local communities. Toyota has been trying to do something in which it operates and conduct businesses with. As per the company 2010 Global Vision company wanted to see a social responsible company and innovative for safer and environmental friendly vehicles, Company had identified these stakeholders very consciously by using management principles and analyses of markets by doing extensive research, they joined with British Red Cross to raise awareness regarding road accidents amongst children. They also ensured that there should be sufficient amount of ethnic dealers in their distribution chain. That means Toyota tried to meet expectations of stakeholders and communicated with them very wisely ongoing basis.

Company had done CSR activities in local communities. E.g.: reforestation in China, supporting education in Africa, engagement of employees in CSR, preference to local employees. By looking at above examples one can say that company is responsive to the needs and expectations of these stakeholders through its programmes and
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Toyota Motor Corporations (TMC) has used vertical and horizontal strategies to succeed on its aims. Communications within Toyota is geographically decentralized with its subsidiaries around the world. According to Cornelissen (2008) decentralizing actions give the opportunity to individual business units decide how best to handle communications. Each of the subsidiaries has its own communication staff (marketing communications, product brand managers, internal communications and specialists in media and public affairs). Peter Renz, the National Manager PR and Advertising for Toyota Canada, explained that the decentralization is used as a way of thinking out of the box’. The organization also uses council meetings with representatives of different communications areas to discuss the strategic issues concerning communication and review their performance to guarantee its team

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