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ACA 3: Produce an advertisement that will adhere to the corporate's value of no to violence, war and unrealistic expectations

|PROs |CONs |
|The ad agency preserves its stand against violence and |Possibility that Cracko will deny this proposal and eventually |
|unrealistic expectations. |drop its connection with Daner& Associates. |
|If approved, the advertisement will be totally in compliance | |
|with the 3 Big Networks’ policyThus, placing the | |
|advertisement with them would no longer be a concern. There | |
|is no need therefore to circumvent and use local stations’ |
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Convincing the Client – Cracko Industries has been stiff in its position to have a “macho, meaner, and tougher” advertisement. So if Daner& Associates can present clearly the idea why there is a need to do away such plan, presents the alternative concepts and the possible benefits it could be bring to the company – the client can possibly be influenced. The first two were already discussed in the previous parts. The possible benefits may center on the company positioning and sales. They can site the following:

i. There may be a swift change of target audience, instead of the children who would encourage the parents to buy the product, it would be the parents who would be willing to buy the product for their children by reason of the clear information and good rapport that the propose ad will build. This would encourage sales, similar to what can they expect with a violent and unrealistic ads.

ii. Opportunities are vast since the ad will be acceptable for the 3 Big Networks.

iii. Good showcase of Cracko Industries as a family owned and oriented
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One is through assessment of the Sales of Cracko Industries; this is for the simple reason that if the product would be patronized by the market. The television ad must have been effective in delivering the message to the respective target market.

2. Another method of evaluation is Consumer Response; this plays a major role in evaluating the effectiveness of the television ad since end consumers whom the producer (in this situation Cracko Industries) wishes to make an appeal to are the target market. Thus, the end consumers are the determinants of whether the message was properly conveyed to them via the television ad and effectively presented to them enough to entice them to patronize this newly developed product.

Specifically, the following instruments can be utilized to gauge the effectiveness of the television ad:

1. Survey Questionnaire/Online

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