Tout Le Temps Research Paper

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The past, present, and future all make up the history and the prospect of a future beyond futures with constant, everlasting, infinite innovation and ingenuity in a city off the coast of France and England known as Tout le Temps. This city encompasses the ways of life and culture of both France and England with both French and English as the main languages and a population of approximately 220,000. It’s located on an island in the midst of the English Channel and is about 350 km2. Tout le Temps has a history going all the way back to the 10th century BC and it has pleasant weather almost all year round in the way that it most of the time isn’t too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter with few events of extreme weather. The island is relatively flat all around with a couple of hills every now and then, but nothing major, which allows easy transportation. Furthermore, the economy is stable without too many ups or downs in the past. The buildings in Tout le Temps are unique in every way with their own designs each, except one important element is present on all buildings: solar panels. Buildings range from being superfluously ornate and …show more content…
Within these public spaces, there are many sculptures and statues to display some of the culture that is rooted deep into the foundations of Tout le Temps. Some of these sculptures are more ancient and some are more futuristic and newer. These sculptures give a sense of appeal to people walking and taking strolls through the parks and squares. Many of the parks have employed nature as a way to give a new design. For example, some of the parks have interesting shapes that are formed by grass and flowers. Additionally, all over, there are bushes that have been maintained and cut into different, unusual shapes. All of the public spaces have benches that provide a place to sit and relax,

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