Comparison Bonaparte And Napoleon Essay

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John F. Kennedy once said "Those who make peaceful revolutions impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." During the 1700 's, Toussaint l 'Overture and Napoleon Bonaparte lead violent revolutions that propagated many changes that perpetually impacted the world. Despite the differences between them, the similarities they shared were salient; furthermore, both leaders held mass revolts and violent riots, demanded equality amongst their people, and destroyed their former government.
In the same way, Louverture and Bonaparte believed that a violent approach was the most promising way to achieve their goal. Louverture gathered the troops of his bravest slaves and began his rampage; moreover, these dauntless slaves burned down the plantations
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Louverture needed to defeat a government established by white superiors; fortunately, he successfully overpowered his government by leading slave revolts and holding violent riots. Furthermore, these riots led to the demolition of thousands of plantations and the execution of thousands of whites and blacks. Once the Haitian government was defeated, equality was restored. Similarly, Bonaparte made several attempts to destroy the French economy and restore equality amongst the social classes. The French government was in massive amounts of debt, hence the reason why the taxes were so high for the peasants. Fortunately, King Louis XVI was executed and Bonaparte was elected as president. The fearless leader, Bonaparte, is responsible for creating a sense solidity. Furthermore, he abolished social inequality and introduced the Napoleonic code, which allowed religious freedom for all.
To sum up, Touverture and Bonaparte instigated two gruesome revolutions that inflicted changed around the world forever. Without these leaders, these revolutions may have never occurred. Many people would still be living with no human rights, and governments demanding aristocracy would still be in place. So to say, the bloody riots and mass executions were necessary to abolish inequality,

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