Baby Boomer Development

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Product development for this age cohort.
Boomers are accustomed to breaking anything in their path. Their next targets: retirement, aging and the tourist experience, etc. it is interested to study this cohort for strength in numbers and to better understand the revolution they begin: a mass market that announces the tourism golden age and which, paradoxically, is at the scene of the golden age and of tourism. The baby boomer is usually curious, fit, smart, independent, autonomous, experienced, and demanding. They are the first actors that are interested more particularly in the tourism and recreation. They have more financial, physical and intellectual means than the older generations at the same age. They adopted a healthy lifestyle,
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They lived the abundance of war boom. Having been the first to benefit, they are the primary actors, especially in the sectors of tourism and recreation. Be very careful because the expectations of baby boomers are new. They do not want a program imposed tours in groups because regarding their leisure, industry professionals were accustomed to make traveling this way and that strategy no longer works. To capture their attention, you have to arouse their curiosity, develop their desire and meet their expectations, and companies must adopt a new approach. Baby boomers are experienced and demanding consumers. As for communication and trade promotion, companies must rethink their approaches to target this clientele. They must therefore revolutionize their traditional approach to clients 'senior '. To adapt to these changes, they must compare the baby boomers to the previous generation to understand that the baby boomers have new travel and leisure consumption. They must also consider that the baby boomers have mastered all the instruments and modern communication tools offered by today 's society. A significant proportion of them has traveled extensively. They are autonomous, active and intend to continue living as they did until now. So the old marketing schemes "Senior Product" and the marketing approach are reviewed. To conquer these new customers, professionals will meet their new expectations and meet their interests and their purchasing criteria. First, avoid using the word "senior" and categorize a product as such. This would be the best way to scare them away because surveys show that older people are seen with 12-14 years younger than their actual age. This is called cognitive

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