Essay on Tourism : A Modern American National Identity

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In this study, you will see you will see the connection between tourism and America identity and how promoters encourage white consumers to consume the nations in geographic. The slogan, “See America First, the first conference was in 1904. It was used in promoting Americans to become better citizens and to make them knowable and help their ignorance, and aware of the history in the country. The public space became the market place from republic citizen to patriotic Americans., In 1880-1940’s a large culture experienced, conversations were about national identity, which would help the social economic, political connections with the people and their culture. Tourism: A modern American National identity. Promoters toured America as a patriotic duty. (Pp.3). There are several arguments in this book, which stated”, that tourism was the central to developing a “Nascent national culture in the United States”, The second argument is that, the urban- industrial nations were for the natural geographic lights and observations of the Parks and landscape. (3-4). (Pp.6). This book is a road map used to conveys a literature message about the middle class, white people, who used the transportation systems to travel around the United States Countries.,.,. The westerners, who boasted and produced guidebooks by marketing strategies to promote tourism. A message to the world, is how the middle-class travel from, trains and auto mobiles to see and observed nationalism in the United…

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