Essay on Tough Guise 2 And Miss Representation

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There is hope for a better reality of Americans when the few come together as a group, exposing themselves and others, and the documentaries Tough Guise 2 and Miss Representation speak to men and women and how they can change their bad gender image sold to them by the media. Tough Guise 2 observes men bred by the media to be leaders in America’s violent crimes. Miss Representation observes the role the entertainment industry plays in defining gender roles, but takes a closer look at what women can do to fight gender inequality in political spectrums where their positive example is lacking in areas where males predominate, and therefore attempts to do something about gender representation. Without diverse input from men outside the realm of the most famous, both documentaries miss an opportunity to reach an audience of men that could use their power to stand up against the plight of gender misrepresentation in the media.

Consequently, as part of the media monster itself, the filmmakers of both documentaries have a part in selling how Americans think of themselves to them, and they speak to roughly 50% of the problem. The filmmakers of Miss Representation expose the viewers to themselves, but without shaming them to buy into a fake reality. It does have its problems. This documentary provides this message to the females: successful women are depicted as bitches or even pitted against one another in feuds seemingly unrelated to their actual aims.

Indeed, the media is a good…

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