Essay about Totoal Quality Management in the Hospitality Industry

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Title: TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY , By: Saunders, Ian W., Graham, Mary Ann, Total Quality Management, 09544127, 1992, Vol. 3, Issue 3
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|Abstract Total quality management (TQM) has achieved notable success as a philosophy of management in manufacturing industry. This|
|paper examines the differences between the manufacturing situation and that of service industry in general and the hospitality |
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All expenses are to be charged."|
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|The clerk goes to get authorization on the account and the now disgruntled guest turns to his companion and says in exasperation: |
|". . . you see it's exactly as I said it would happen. I stay here every month and yet every time I have this same problem." |
|The General Manager considers the exchange with concern. That guest had not received the quality service the hotel was aiming to |
|provide and if the guest continually had this experience it would simply be a matter of time before he decided to try one of the |
|competitors. Not only could that one guest's custom be lost, but he could be the manager of a company who frequently stay at the |
|hotel and hold functions there. |
|The difficulty for the Hotel Manager is to determine how to react to

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