Totalitarianism Is An Controversial Political Theory Essay

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Totalitarianism is an extremely controversial political theory. Totalitarian states are places in which the government or state has total control over all regions of private and public life. This type of government began to surface in Europe and in parts of Asia during the end of World War I, and continued to be the predominant political theory for the duration of World War II, and even lasted years after the end of the Second World War. Reasons for the use of totalitarian regimes tend to differ between the persons and countries that used them. Totalitarianism was implemented in Russia by Joseph Stalin, who propelled his way into power. It was slowly put into effect in Germany because of the declining economy, political rivalries, and social differences. Totalitarianism was also implemented in Italy because of a major economic depression and a revolt among the citizens. In general, totalitarianism was implemented in Russia, Germany, and Italy because of economic decline and social unrest. Totalitarianism was implemented by Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, which later became known as ‘Russia’. Joseph Stalin was the leader in the Soviet Union from the 1920’s until the day he died: March 5, 1953. After he left school, he became a political agitator and took part in many demonstrations and strikes as a Marxist Social Democrat. Stalin actually helped the Soviet Union through the use of totalitarianism because it transformed the country from a peasant state into a…

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