Total Rewards System Essay

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Recruiting, Selection and Training
Victoria Maddox
Dr. Victor Villarreal
Employee and Labor Relations HRM 534
August 10, 2014

About Costco Costco, a warehouse club, begin under the name Price Club in 1976 in California. The first warehouse club that opened up under the Costco name was in Seattle in 1983. Price Club was originally intended to for businesses only but realized very quickly they could make more profit by opening up to non-business people. Price Club and Costco joined together in 1993 with a name of PriceCostco and had 206 locations with revenue of $16 billion (, n.d.). PriceCostco believes in saving their members money while offering quality products. It was renamed Costco in 1997 and now has revenue in
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Currently, Costco’s recruitment consists of people putting in applications because they inquired about a job or they decided to go online and see if there are any openings. Another form of their recruiting is putting up a new store and publicizing in the area for workers. Otherwise, Costco usually promotes from within, especially those going into management positions. They feel they should give the ones who’s been with the company for years and have worked their way through the many departments in the store a chance to prove that they have what it takes to lead (, n.d). According to an article by Michelle Rafter, 2005, she states that “Costco is low-budget when it comes to hiring. The company doesn’t retain outside recruiters, and the human resources staff does no hiring. That’s left to regional managers and warehouse managers, who put up tents on site when a new warehouse is being built to take applications and buy help-wanted ads in local papers.” In an interview video with Tom Gardner, founder and CEO of Motley Fool’s, Jim Sinegal stated that “they rarely hired anyone from outside. If they did hire a manager from outside they would take two years and train them before they would put them in charge of a store.” He further stated that they spent a lot of time on going from store to store observing the employees and also with succession planning (2012). When opening a store in Hillsboro, Oregon, Costco

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