Torture Is Well Designed Fixed Research Study Essay

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"The Effects of Torture: Two Community Studies", is well designed fixed research study by these eight researchers. According to authors, "this study explores how person who have undergone torture and other general trauma differ from persons who have undergone only general trauma and compare the effects of torture to other kinds of traumas (Kira et al., p. 205)". The findings of the study include tortured individuals have a significantly higher trauma dose, they are more resilient, more socio-culturally adjusted, and more posttraumatic growth. This study has been conducted on the Iraqi community in Wayne County, Michigan to replicate previous findings on tortured mental health clients. These authors gathered previous findings and compare with their own studies, where they can explore the effects of torture on Iraqi refugees living in the United States. "Personal traumas such as rape, accidents, nature disasters, recent Iraqi refugees as a group experienced the Iraq-Iran war that lasted for six years, the Gulf war, desert refugee camps in Saudi Arabia, up rootedness, cultural shock, the September 11, collective trauma, the backlash against Middle Easterners following September 11, and recently, the American war in Iraq that started in 2003 and continued with the insurgence (Kira et al., p. 206)." From the previous data, forty percent of people, who came from Saudi refugee camps suffered torture in Iraqi jails (Kira, 1999). These different evident of traumas are important…

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