Essay on Torture Is Morally Wrong?

807 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
There is more to the subject of torture than what meets the eye or ear of American citizens. An issue that appears morally unjustifiable may become attractive and necessary in extreme and time clenching cases. How does one maintain their moral stature while advocating the physical and mental degradation of another human being? How can America uphold its standards promoting life, liberty, and happiness while stripping humans of every essence of these words in the cruelest of ways? To delve deeper into the subject of torture means to reveal the callous and cruel acts human beings are capable of when intelligence information is demanded. Torture is about more than torturer and victim, it’s about the whole nation revealing the moral or immoral backbone it stands upon. Torture is morally wrong. There is no justification, excuse or situation that can change this fact. Torture is the intentional infliction of hurt and harm on another and this is never right no matter what angle you analyze it, torture is simply unethical. Saying that I disagreed with torture would mean I would have to be fully committed to disapprove any act that could be considered as torture which I do not. I appreciate Bagarics words that “fanatics who oppose torture in all cases are adopting their own form of extremism. It is well-intentioned, but extremism in all its manifestations can lead to catastrophic consequences. Cruelty that is motivated by misguided kindness hurts no less”. Wholeheartedly opposing…

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