Torture, Cruelty, Or Degrading Treatment Essay

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“I defend the intuition that there is something morally special about torture that distinguishes it from most other kinds of violence, cruelty, or degrading treatment.” (Sussman, January 2005) What is tortue exactly? In the reading Davis explains torture to be distinguished between coercion and brainwashing. Coercion is when restrain or dominate someone by force. This is why we found it more morally offensive than other ways of inflicting harm. Davis goes on to explain more about the depths of torture, how it aims to manipulate its victims through their own responses, as agents, to the felt experience of their affects and emotions in a context of dependence, vulnerability, and disorientation. Throughout the scope of this reading he explains how there are times where torture can be justified and other times how detestable it really can be.
Seumas Miller will argue that torture is morally justified in extreme emergencies, but it ought not to be legalized. Miller explains torture as, “I suggest that torture is the intentional infliction of extreme physical suffering on some non-consenting, defenseless, other person for the purpose of breaking their will.” (Miller)
The definition that both Miller and Davis provide, argue similar view points. They both agree that torture is okay in some instances. When comparing it to killing someone, Sussman states that it’s “greater in degree and different in kind from even that of killing”, meaning torture can be placed morally…

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