Tort Law : The Legal System Essay

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According to (Arthur & David, 2014) tort law is described as "a collection of principles describing the legal system 's civil (noncriminal) response to injuries one person inflicts on the other". This view is share by Linda et al (2012) who define a tort as "A civil wrong for which the victim receives a remedy in the form of damages". With these facts stated, I think that it can be said that tort law is the body of laws regarding civil wrongs that cause harm to another person because of something that the tortfeasor did or failed to do. This harm can be a physical injury, a financial loss or damages that would not have occurred but for the lack of due care or reasonableness of the tortfeasor.

Tort laws offer remedies to the plaintiff who suffers damages from the actions of the defendant or tortfeasor. For example, if one person injures another the law of tort in some instances requires the person who caused injury to pay for damages to the victim. I think that the payment of damages available in tort law helps us to coexist relatively peacefully in that it provides injured parties with a civil way to right a wrong. Without a lawful means to recover compensation for civil wrongs, injured parties might resort to unbridled force to right a real or perceived wrong.

Even when the defendant (tortfeasor) did not intentionally want to injure the plaintiff (victim), damages can still be awarded by the court if the defendant has proven that the tortfeasor acted negligently…

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