Tornado : A Destructive Storms Essay example

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As the day goes by, it begins to get dark and cool. Then it begins to rain, just an everyday rainfall. Then, it begins to rain harder; it’s hailing and hail, the size of golf balls, begin to form. As it gets windier, the clouds begin to spin and form into cones that swirl to the earth. The wind is unbearable, making it hard to breath. This is a tornado that will destroy everything and anything in its path. People are not prepared and are getting harmed because they don’t know anything about tornadoes. With tornado season approaching, people should learn and understand the basics of a tornado, the dangers of a tornado, and necessary safety precautions.
BASICS OF A TORNADO There are many variables to the formation of a tornado. During thunderstorms, updrafts and downdrafts take place. A strong updraft can be made by the changing of winds above the thunderstorm. This then creates the warm air to rise. Jean Allen describes this as, “The flow of warm air works like a vacuum cleaner.” The updraft causes the warm air on the ground to rise to the sky. As the warm air gets higher, the air cools. As the air cools, it then falls back to the Earth, causing what is known as a downdraft. Many cells can occur during a storm. A cell is, described by Allen, is “One updraft and one downdraft pair…” Sometimes, all the cells will work together. As the warmer air is sucked into the updraft, the updraft became stronger. Once the wind changes…

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