Topshop Essay

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I am looking at Topshop for this report. Topshop is a very large British fashion store for young women selling fashion clothes, shoes and accessories. There are Topshop stores throughout the UK. The flagship store in London Oxford Street is the biggest fashion store in Europe. Topshop is part of the Arcadia group which owns other fashion stores such as Miss Selfridge and Warehouse. Topshop mainly sells its own brand products but in larger stores it has concessions of other more expensive similar clothes. As well as selling Topshop clothes in Topshop store, they have concessions in large department stores such as Selfridges. They also have a website where you can buy a lot of the Topshop range including shoes and clothes for
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This is important in a website form because you cannot touch the clothes and so they have to make an impact when you see them on the screen. The stores are designed for the target market and this is apparent when visiting a Topshop store. When you walk into a Topshop store there will always be the latest chart music playing to attract the fun young women. The stores are laid out into trends and suggest outfits to wear. They also have cheaper shoes hanging by the clothes to suggest a whole outfit to wear. This means the consumer does not have to think too much about what she is going to put with what, it is all laid out there ready for her to try on. This means she can have trendy clothes and look good without necessarily knowing a lot about fashion or having a good eye for fashion. The sections of the stores are well defined; they are slit so that there is a shoe section, denim section, accessory section etcetera.
The changing rooms in Topshop stores are always very brightly lit with white walls so you can really see what you are wearing. The changing rooms are normally quite large so you have enough room to get changed without too much trouble and you will not feel claustrophobic. The curtains are brightly coloured silk this contrasts with the white walls, the silk add a bit of luxury and the bright colours add fun to the changing rooms.
There is a very relaxed environment in Topshop stores. It is

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