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Victoria Vaughn

Irish as well as irish roots site say that Cork is a irish name and that cork was settled by irish immigrants almost exclusively. The name, a transfer name is derived from County Cork in Ireland, and the impressive cork oats that grew in he area. County Cork is in the Southwest region in the province of Munster. IT is the third most populous county on the island of Ireland. There are three great rivers and is dominated by marshes and grasslands with woodlands.Surnames were Mc Carthy, Callaghan, and Mc Aulffie to name a few.
The landscape that once started with huts by the sea, populated only at first by monks, rancheros and indians later turned into a bustling city with farms, villas and a huge
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Montenegro: A possessive name.Seems to be named for Eugeino Montenegro, a soldjier in the mexican american war. Land was up for grabs , it was being partitioned off for rancheros. It was the last mission building city in california, as well as the last of the mexican settlements. There seemed to be some contestation between immigration from Mexico and land grants for the rancheros. So there seemed to be stress between the euros and mexicans who also inhabited the area.
Chillicothe: a transfer name seems to get its origins in Native American history either from MO or OH later in Mexico. The name means primary city. It is extremely hard to find any useful information on the city in CA. I keep finding all sorts of info for Mo or Oh. Even texas.
Oro grande: Is located in the mojave desert, North of the San Bernardino mountain range. IT is a commendatory name, meaning big gold from the gold and silver strikes.
Peiping: a transfer name. It is Chinese meaning forest. One of the four great capitals of China. Seems to of been a early descriptive name.
Penzance:transfer name./ descriptive name in country of origin. It is a town, civil parish and port in Cormwall. The name means holy headland in Cornish. It is a reference to a chapel today called St. Anthonys. The immigration of Cornish peoples into California started in 1849 with the discovery of gold. The Cornish miners already

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