Topics in Cultural Studies Unit 1 Ip Essay

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|Topics in cultural studies |
|Comparing Early Greece and Rome |
|[Differences Between Early Greece and Rome] |
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|farming land due to the mountainous terrain and Rome |marshes. |
| |Most of Greece was mountainous terrain. |was a good farming land. | |
|Government |They were considered to be the ones to |Greece was mainly ruled by the people and Rome was ruled|They were considered to be a Monarchy, ruled by |
| |invent democracy. |by kings “whatever they said goes no questions were |kings. |
| | |asked.” | |
|Society (Social Classes) |They were ruled by kings at first then the |Aristocrats were higher than kings in Greece and kings |Kings, farmers, peasants, and slaves |
| |aristocrats replaced them. Then there were |were the highest in Rome.

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