Top Tiers Of Politicians Down The Underground Terrorist Groups

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The world is run by communication and influence from the top tiers of politicians down to the underground terrorist groups. In order to control the hearts and minds of followers, one must maintain a strong consistent message that inspires people from many walks of life (Immelman, 2002, p. 4). Osama bin Laden was an enthusiastic communicator who grew a small terrorist group into a large terrorist network by maintaining a strong narrative with al Qaeda, affiliated groups, and the world at large. Conversely, after the World Trade Center attack of 2001, bin Laden began to lose influence leading up to his death (Lahoud et al., 2012, p. 2).
First, the creation of al Qaeda in 1993 by Osama bin Laden was a turning point in global terrorism due to the group’s obedient ability to successfully carry out their leader’s large scale attacks. The image bin Laden earned while fighting with Islamic jihadists against the Soviet Union, garnered a large amount of respect from his followers (“Osama bin Laden Biography,” 2011, para. 9). Above all, bin laden would take advantage of the warrior image he formed and use it as a base for much of his internal and external communications.
Terrorist organization leaders are often seen as a dictator, however, bin Laden directed many communications through his media office and councils before public release (Sieb, 2008, p.74). This carefully crafted relationship projected a group dynamic even if all direction flowed from the top. While pairing the leader…

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