Top 5 Event Planning Apps Essay

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Top 5 Event Planning Apps Reviewed
Planning and hosting a successful event can be hard work. As an event planner you need to first understand what your client considers a successful event. Your client will have preconceived goals and objections as well as a budget. Choosing the right location is critical in location planning, as well as ensuring that guest lists, catering, décor and entertainment are also front of mind. But event planning does not end there, the tiny details can make or break your event and sometimes event planners need help to not only remember all responsibilities but they also need to be able to communicate these to the client and all staff involved in making the event happen,
Event planning apps are taking the events industry by storm. Take control of your event, stay organised and avoid any last minute hiccups with apps that will assist you throw the highlight event of your career! Event planning applications help event managers organize important information for intimate to large events, these are just a few of our recommendations:
1. Bizzabo
Bizabo is not only a go-to for event managers, but it is also an app that can assist with marketing the event and accessing reports such as audience engagement and analytics. The Bizzabo event platform’s main features include: ticketing and registration, event website builder, event app, contacts management, networking tools, polls and surveys, and reports and dashboards to measure success post-event.…

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