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Top 20 most wonderful places to visit in the UK
The most popular places to visit in the world
According to the 2016 Travelers’ Choice, London, UK, is the most visited destination in the world. It is followed by Istanbul, Turkey; Marrakech, Morocco; Paris, France; Siem Reap, Cambodia; Prague, Czech Republic; Rome, Italy; Hanoi, Vietnam; Ney York City, New York; and Ubud, Indonesia. In addition to London, the United Kingdom many other amazing tourist destinations. Her cities, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, and Glasgow are other major cosmopolitan urban centers. It has a rich history, from the medieval era, through the Victorian era, to the present day. Below are some of the major castles and nice vacation spots in the UK that are worth visiting in a lifetime.
The Medieval Castles in the UK
1. The Leeds Castle
The Leeds castle is one of the best places to visit in England. It is situated in Kent. The castle has existed since 1119 when its construction was completed. The castle has provided residence to several kings and other aristocrats, such as King Edward I and Catherine of Aragon. The castle is located on an island at the center of a lake that developed from the River Len. The castle is an internationally important structure. It is also listed as a Grade I building. Additionally, the castle is one of England’s points of interest. It is listed as a heritage site in England and it receives approximately 500,000 visitors annually.
2. Bamburgh Castle
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