Top 100 Reflection Essay

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Every year, around April, my school gives out an award called Top 100. This academic award is given to the top twenty-five students of each class. Ever since my freshman year I have received this award. Some believe that most of the people that are Top 100 do not deserve it because the difficulty of their classes is not taken into accountability. Others believe the reward is just irrelevant, but this award is very important to me because to me it exemplifies my hard work. Being labeled as Top 100 drives me to work hard in my classes and makes me the competitive student that I am today. As a child, I never had the money to be involved in sports or any other activities. The plaque that comes with this award is the first I have ever received for my accomplishments and now I have three of them. Top 100 is no joke to me because I took honors and AP classes in order to make my grade point average more competitive and ensure that I earned a plaque. To me this academic achievement exemplifies the hard work and sleepless nights that I have put into my school work in order to be …show more content…
Literature and history are not my strongest subjects, but this only means that I have to work harder and ensure my Top 100 plaque. I worked hard to receive this and it shows that I am determined. It shows that I have the grit to make it through the twelve years of extra school in order to become a doctor. The Top 100 label shows my true will power and shows that I will not allow myself to fail or falter. Receiving the Top 100 award my freshman year showed me that I am capable of accomplishing my goals. Ever since my freshman year I have worked hard in order to become a Top 100 student for all my four years of high school. The plaques I earned makes me proud of the hard work that I put in to receive this

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