Tools For Transition By Helen Keller Essay

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Tools for Transition
“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.” - Helen Keller (1903)
Not everyone has good decision making skills. As a matter of fact, I imagine a good number of us have never had any training in it.
Making solid well informed decisions is crucial, especially if you have health issues. Having migraines might mean you need to make more changes than you want. Like moving house and finding a new career, which are enormous stressors.
I will show you how to get organized and plan ahead for these transitions. And provide a tool to learn to make minor or major decisions from within yourself.
Making decisions can get harder the longer you are sick. And then trusting yourself that it’s the right choice, even harder.
Having a chronic health condition, like migraines, can diminish self-trust. Speaking for myself, it sure diminished mine. After 21 treatment failures with medications alone, that 's not surprising. I began to question every decision I made.
I have combined a few gentle techniques to help you see and hear your own inner guidance. With newfound clarity, you can find the right way forward in the midst of the chaos migraines bring.
Using visual aids and your senses helps the brain process things. You will be able to calm down the panic that occurs in our bodies when challenges arise. You can then make the right decisions from a more centered space.
Try this. Close your eyes and imagine a migraine free…

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