Too Much Homework

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“What do you call people who works for hours and plays very little?” Workaholics. Elementary school students’ after school work has increased in the past few decades. This has been a frequent discussion in the educational debates in Washington, D.C. Many people have asked, “How much homework is too much?” While students do need practice outside of school, they do not need to spend an entire evening doing it. The fact is if a kid receives too much homework, it will provide little to no academic benefit for the student. In the article “Rethinking Homework”,
Alfie Kohn states that homework is a non-beneficial project for young students. (Kohn). The article quotes professor Harvey Daniels as he states, “Most of what homework is doing is driving kids
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The parents may also begin to believe that their kids are not focusing in school when they start bringing home loads of homework (Wallace). These thoughts could bring unfair treatment on to the student and the school because the parents will not know what is going on in the classroom.
The main reason elementary students do not need so much homework is because it will affect their health and put stress on the family. The student is a kid who needs time to interact with other people. Making them work on two hours of homework while other people are playing will stress the students out. Due to all this stress kids will begin to become obese or become thin. Also, the family will be strained. This is because the family would want to spend time together but won’t be because the student is too busy. The amount of work required to be completed every night can begin to separate a family’s ties. It can be stressful trying to convince a child to focus on homework and home after a busy day at school. While some school administrators and teachers may say that homework helps

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