Too Many Children Are Suffering Concussions Essay

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Too Many Children are Suffering Concussions
“We must protect our children.” this was certainly a rallying cry for implementing seat-belt laws, car seat laws, anti-tobacco campaigns, and even school lunch reform. “Our children are our most precious commodity.” is perhaps the “Holy Grail” of mantras in this country, if not the Western World. Why then, do we not rally against the use of our children as modern day gladiators? There may not be an explicit decree for young athletes, especially football players, to play till death but the culture surrounding this sport is sending that exact message. This culture has become so “winning oriented” that we as a people, blinded by dreams of fame and fortune in the NFL, would treat the brains of our children as a lottery ticket. How many of our youth must die or incur life-long injury before we pull our heads out of sandbox at the coliseum and acknowledge the fact that we are drunk on the cool-aid and have become zombied masses sacrificing our young at the altar of Football? Using a head as a battering ram is just plain stupid. “Head injury is the most frequent direct cause of death in sport.” (Cantu 37). The mounting evidence that football poses a high risk of brain injury to our youth should spur society to question if football is worth the risk. It is time to end youth football programs in schools, at least as we know them. In 2013 the National Football League made a landmark $765 million deal to settle lawsuits by thousands of…

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