Too Far Ahead of the It Curve? Essay

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Too Far Ahead of the IT Curve?
Executive summary
Peachtree has grown rapidly and are facing problems with its IT infrastructure. It needs to look for a better solution. There are two options proposed to solve the issue whether to use a monolithic enterprise software system which is a single set of systems and applications and completes consistency across all of the hospitals but lack of flexibility for doctors and costly or to implement SOA which is a modular system with flexibility to go after selective standardization but risky as new technology. To select the new approach, Peachtree need to consider some criteria in respect to business, IT and medical perspectives such as costs vs. benefits, health care environment, desired outcomes,
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Based on the analysis of current situation, the recommendation is for Peachtree to adopt alternative #3. The recommendation is to adopt SOA to improve its IT infrastructure. Standardization of all medical processes may not be a right thing to do because standardization may not be suitable for medical environment. Each institution of Peachtree has its own idiosyncratic so it would be difficult to persuade doctors to change to a rigid rule to do their works. SOA will enable selective standardization. Even though the SOA market is not mature yet, Peachtree could start from small steps to reduce risk and gradually replace its existing systems with SOA. The immature market also allows Peachtree to negotiate the price of the system.

Risk management plan
Some of the actions may include: * Research more about SOA. Since SOA is new and untested to the health care work environment and no other health care has used SOA so the risk of negative outcomes is high and for patients it could be life or death. Peachtree should conduct more research about SOA. It could review the use of SOA in similar work environment. * Conduct cost/benefit analysis. Peachtree is at risk for incurring high system implementation and maintenance costs due to unpredictable implementation timeline and outcomes. It should analyze all effects and gather data about costs and benefits of SOA. *

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