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Effects of Citizen United; too Early to Tell

Most people, except Nate Silver, thought that the political contest on November 6 was a toss-up, with several swing states in a dead heat in the polls. This election has been portrayed to be an important election for our generation that would shape the future of our country, which is how both Obama and Romney pitched this election. This allowed the race to turn into an ideological battle between two main ideas of government. One that argued for less government and privatization and the other that argued for the fundamental need for government in order to provide foundation for our society to work. While this war of ideology waged on there was another war that was being waged, the all
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This coalition along with other factors allowed Obama to beat Romney and overcome any financial gains that Romney may have had as a result of the Citizens United case. In fact Citizen United may have even inadvertently helped Obama achieved these demographic advantages. This happened because of the ruthless and unnecessarily long Republican primary that took place this election cycle. Gingrich, for example was able to stay on in the primary much longer than expect because of his main donor Sheldon Adelson who according to the Jewish Journal has been said to be “single-handedly responsible for keeping Gingrich’s campaign alive”(Firestone). Adelson, along with other top donors, pumped startling amounts amount of money in to the race which made it a lot more competitive than it out to have been. Winning Our Future, a pro-Gingrich Super-Pac funded by Adelson spent 2.93 million in the January South Carolina primary in advertising to defeat Romney (Blumenthal). This Super-Pac also created a vicious ad campaign attacking Romney’s time at Bain Capital, which the Obama campaign later took home to win over many. This ad titled, “When Mitt Romney came to town,” was a 28 minute expose on Mitt Romney’s company ruthless tactics. It portrays Romney as a ruthless man who had no interest in the common man’s struggle (Winning Our Future). This aggressive ad campaign introduced the idea of Romney

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