Tony's Nyonya Restaurant Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… This growth is understandable by looking into the following factors. First, there are more and more people coming from around the world, particularly China, Taiwan, Hongkong, USA, Malaysia to work on the basis of skilled immigrants and working holidays visas. Global economic recession in the recent years and relatively high wages rates with liveable culture of Melbourne are the main contributors of such immigration wave. Secondly, due to more variety of food chains opened up as a result of increasing diversified populations in CBD areas, Aussies are exposed to more choices of foods and are no longer limited to western cuisines. Having said that, many Aussies especially working professionals and students are literally mixed with people from other ethnic backgrounds thus have more opportunity in consuming non-western foods. Gradually, Asian foods become one of their meal preferences, say, 1-2 times or more in a week during business lunch or meet up session. Thirdly, modern, busy working life has contributed to the increased demand of food take away and delivery. This is even more obvious for people whose works are carried out on-site or involve substantial hours of travelling outside, such as builders, taxi or delivery drivers, mobile sales teams, landscapers, and commercial cleaners. These people need to maximize their time for the disposal of working, hence eating out or take away will be much convenient for …show more content…
• Ancestral Nyonya recipes give the business a competitive edge.
• Staffs are trained in-house by the owner. This is to ensure consistency and standardisation of service level.
• Strategically located at one of the busiest tourist attractions in CBD.
• Restaurant and cafe sections are designed in warm, oriental and modern, relaxed atmosphere, respectively to make sure the environment meets patrons’ mood.
• Meals are cooked fresh with adequate ingredients to ensure that they worth the prices.
• Unable to cope with demand during weekends with its single store.
• Not having delivery service at the moment.
• Business expansion opportunity. People from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan have similar cuisine preferences, and many of them are residing in Box Hill, an eastern suburb. Currently, there are very few Nyonya restaurants in the area.
• Option of ordering via delivery will attract more customers. This will brings in more revenue from those who are constrained by parking, time and location issues.

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