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Business Policy | April 12
| Shauna Lennon, Denise Mc Gahan, Jessica Byrne, Elizabeth Mc Entee, Siobhan Kearney, Sandra Sharpe | How can Tesco manage effectively strategic change? |

How can we manage effective strategic change?
According to Eric Douglas ‘The process of strategic change management involves developing an innovative vision for where the company needs to be, and then developing and equally innovative path for achieving the goal.’ (Douglas E, 2010) Many different theories have been developed in order to give a greater understanding of strategic change and how to manage it. These include Force Field Analysis theory, the Change Kaleidoscope approach and the Cultural Web approach. These theories help to give an
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Once completed and placed in the appropriate position factors should be scored, from 1-5, 1 being weak and 5 being strong and finally totalled to show which decision is the best one to undertake. (Force Field Analysis , 2013) It can also be used to ‘To think about how you can strengthen the forces that support the change and weaken the forces opposing it, so that the change is more successful.’ (Force Field Analysis , 2013)
If Force Field Analysis identifies a new decision or change within an organisation there may be some hostility towards these changes from members within the organisation. Management must be versatile enough to deal with this and perhaps realise that the force field analysis brought around a quite subjective decision that may not have the desired effect on the organisation.

For change to be successful, implementation efforts need to fit the organisational context. There is no simple 'off the shelf' approach that will work for all organisations. (Strategy into action, 2013)
Change Kaleidoscope was developed by Hope Hailey & Balogun (2002) to be a way of pulling together and codifying the wide range of contextual features and implementation options that require consideration during change. (Change Kaleidoscope, 2009)
The kaleidoscope helps managers design such a 'context sensitive' approach to change. (Strategy into action, 2013)

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