Summary Of Tony Luke Jr: Totally Driven Amidst Tragedy

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Tony Luke Jr: Totally Driven Amidst Tragedy

The overall goal when we started Totally Driven Entertainment, was that we wanted to entertain our fans. The staff at Totally Driven Entertainment certainly hope that we can entertain our audience, and will continue to do so for years to come. However, the last few years have seen the growth of an alarming new epidemic, and Totally Driven Entertainment feels that we also have a responsibility to speak out on social issues, especially ones that hit close to home.

In 2017, we saw someone who I consider to be a part of the Totally Driven family suffer an epic tragedy. This is someone I continue to look up to and be influenced by on a daily basis. A person that all of the Totally Driven Staff admire
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Additionally, fans may know him as Tony Luke Jr the musician, the actor, the stand-up comic, the boxer, and the businessman/entrepreneur, but there was another side of Tony Luke Jr that the public rarely saw, Tony the father. Upon hearing the news about his son’s passing I was genuinely shocked and saddened for Tony. I cannot think of a deeper pain. My friend Tony and his family were going through something in that moment that I fear as a father myself. It’s heartbreaking to say but the family was now living with the reality that Tony Luke III was no longer in their lives. I was gutted as a friend and father. I can’t begin to imagine what the ordeal was doing to Tony Luke Jr himself.

You can’t turn on the news these days without hearing about the “Opioid Epidemic”. Every single day there is some type of story that involves this horrible, soul crushing drug. This is a drug that growing up I mostly associated with the loss of drugged out rock stars, not people in your own family, but this epidemic has long reaching roots, and even my own family has been stricken with fear and
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in this article is inspirational, and proves that we may be losing battles, but the war is far from over. Proving once again just how “Totally Driven” he is, Tony started #BrownAndWhite, which is a social media movement created to help bring awareness, and end the stigma we have when it comes to talking about heroin addiction and recovery. I really can’t believe the strength Tony has shown since his loss. The inspirational man has regularly attended meetings and speeches locally to share the story of his son, and to try to help prevent others from going through the same pain he and his family have to deal with

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