Toniic Case Study

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The goal of Toniic is to empower individuals that have ideas to create positive social and environmental impact through global impact investing. The company focuses on creating a sustainable global economy through investing in social entrepreneurs, enterprises, and funds seeking to create a better world.

Globally present, they expect to increase the quality and volume of impact investment, inspiring impact investors to broaden their portfolios and inspire individuals to create more compelling ideas. Along with investments, they provide their members with tools to better themselves and they give them access to high quality deals, process support, education and an expert peer group to guide them along the process.

The team at Toniic showcases
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Impact Investors:

A customer base of Toniic that is essential to creating impact are the global impact investors. They are people with a financial cushion who are looking to empower social and environmental projects from around the world aimed at creating a positive impact. Their key functional job is investing on impact projects that have solution to critical problems in various parts of the world, with the opportunity to guide and educate social entrepreneurs who are just starting their quest for impact.

Though it may seem like a worthy and noble cause, they also face certain pains as investors such as taking on financial investments without a guaranteed return on investment, they also don’t know how long before their investment would actually make a return, and measuring how big of an impact their investment actually makes. However, even though such pains exist, they gain a lot of respect from people because of their commitment and belief to those making an impact on society. They also gain more knowledge about their field and the world around them, giving them the opportunity to expand and understand what projects makes the most impact and what challenges in the world need more attention, it becomes their social job to figure out if the solutions that they invest in leads to better impact and higher
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The two key customer bases for them are their impact investors and their social entrepreneurs; they give each segment different values and different services that solve their pains and exemplifies their gains.

Impact Investors:

For the impact investors, Toniic equips them with the ability to be active and help solve key issues all the while potentially investing on one of the biggest ventures. They provide them with access to the best quality of investments, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and information to lower risk and increase opportunities for success. Furthermore, they ensure that they can constantly monitor their investments to make sure that they are on the right track.

Toniic also give them the ability to learn more about the world and learn more about the investments they deal in. Constant access to information and a team that 's there to regularly update on the status of the investment and how much impact its creating. Essentially, they are fully guided through the investment process and given the utmost assurance that they are making the right investment helping them understand that impact investments are worth the risk and their desire to make a positive impact and help someone help others will be

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