Toni Oliver 's Delirium By Lauren Oliver Essay

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It’s slowly turning to the last day of the year and I feel it’s time to tell you a little about what all I did during this last semester as a Junior. A small recap to give you an idea about all the fun/excited things we did in this class. Since the beginning of the school year we all had to set a goal about how many books we think we would be able to read by the end of the first semester, and then reset that goal and see if we can do better than before.
Throughout this whole year I have read 5 or 6 books this whole year and to be honest that’s more than I read last year when I was a Sophomore. The book I was reading at the beginning of the 2nd Semester was the last half of a book called Delirium By: Lauren Oliver, this book was 383 pages and is about a young girl named Lena Haloway, and she falls in-love in a society where everyone is “cured” by love. Another great book I read during this semester was The Passenger by Lisa Lutz, this book is about a woman in her late 20’s that discovers her husband dead at the bottom of her stairs. She goes crisscrossing all over the states, creating and shedding new identities to try and escape this mysterious death of her husband.
I liked Delirium because it really caught my attention in the beginning and it wanted to make finish and find out what happens in the end, what does happen in the end is unbelievable if you haven’t read this book or you’re in the beginning then you would never think that it would actually happen in the book,…

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