Essay Toni Morrison 's The Beloved

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In nearly every family, children are dependent on their parent or guardian for nourishment, care,

and a source for happiness. They lack the maturity and understanding about the world in order to make

their own decisions. Therefore, they aren’t able to seek the independence and freedom until they are old

enough and properly prepared to explore the world on their own. Once children gain the wisdom to do

so, they free themselves from the detention of adult dependence. Furthermore, they are able to take

ownership of their freed self when they can make their own decisions. In Toni Morrison’s novel,

Beloved, protagonist character Denver has spent her entire life dependent on the company and care of

her mother, Sethe. Her mother imprisoned her in 124 for her safety; henceforth, Denver grew reliant to

her mother’s orders. However, when Beloved enters into their lives, Denver becomes accustomed to

grow independent and mature when she realizes the economic and emotional difficulties in the family.

Although Denver grew up dependent on her mother for her wellbeing, she frees herself from it by taking

initiative to help her family and claims ownership of that freed self because nothing gets in her way as she

makes her own independent decisions.

Denver achieves the goal of claiming ownership of her freed self when she shows her

compassion for Beloved and takes action to heal her emotional pain. Rather than adhere to her

dependence on her mother, Denver tries…

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