Tommy Northwood: A Short Story

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It was nine o’clock, zero hour. The wolves would be coming soon. They will be coming to kill and relieve the mundane, trivial life of Tommy Northwood, a life that started out so extraordinary but turned into an eternal nightmare. Soon the wolves will tear his flesh off of his bones. Soon their mouths will be stained crimson red and their bellies full with meat, human meat. They will end his life in just a few quick moments. Tommy won’t go without a fight however. His legs will pump acid, his fists will be thrown, and his lungs will burn like coals in a blazing fire. But ultimately he would be defeated and he knew it. The numbers will be too great for him to handle, no matter what weapons he writes to himself. After all, this is what Tommy wanted, …show more content…
Tommy grabbed his gun and lit his torch. He reached for the door and opened it. The moonlight shined in and it felt warm and inviting against his face. The cool winter draft greeted him as he walked out of the room with a door. Snow crunched under his feet, the flame of the torch danced in the wind. It was dead silent out, the wind whispered through the trees, and then the wolves howls were heard off in the cold distant, howling like animals ready to kill. Tommy’s grip tightened around his torch and the gun. The wolves cries grew louder and louder until he caught a glimpse of his killer’s eyes. He saw the bright yellow round orbs in the distance getting bigger and bigger. More and more became visible over the tree line, all ready to greet Tommy in the valley of death below. There were hundreds of them, just as he wrote it. All of them were as black as night with yellow eyes and snarling teeth. Slowly they crept forward while Tommy greeted them without fear. He ran towards them while aiming his gun at one. He lined up the shot just between the creature’s eyes and pulled the trigger. The gun spat out its first bullet while recoiling in Tommy’s hand. It struck home. The bullet tore through the beast’s brains as it dropped almost instantly. He fired another shot and killed another, and then another. The wolves began running towards him, faster and faster. Tommy didn’t panic, he did not falter. He aimed and shot true, not once but twice more, killing off two more of the snarling creatures. He shot the first one in the chest and the second in the head. The shots echoed through the forest, and rattled around in his ear like firecrackers in a tin

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